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Nha Trang

Welcome to Nha Trang, a dazzling tourist spot where the city scene blends beautifully with long stretches of white sand, stunning skylines, towering mountains, and historical locations.

A popular beach destination for local patrons, Nha Trang — a coastal town in South Vietnam — is often overlooked by other tourists saved by those backpackers who live for adventure. From its breathtaking natural sights to cultural treasures, Nha Trang is a place that awaits to be explored, a place that’ll complete your Vietnam trip.



With the help of organised tours in the city centre, the chance to explore the entire features of Nha Trang — beaches, museums, historical sites, and resorts — has become a lot easier. See how ancient Nga Trang used to be by making a stop at Po Nagar Cham Towers — landmarks that commemorate the traditional beliefs of the Cham people. Explore iconic pagodas — Long Son Pagoda, and Suoi Do Pagoda — which both boast of intricate architecture, and interesting legends. If you want to take a break from visiting historical landmarks, spend a day at the Vinpearl Amusement Park wherein exciting activities, giant aquariums, adrenaline-pumping water slides await adults and kids alike. As for relaxation, don’t forget to visit Thap Ba Hot Springs Center, Ba Ho Waterfalls, and the famous Nha Trang Beach.


Getting There

Cam Ranh International Airport caters daily domestic flights from Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hanoi, and Haiphong. Fares start at USD 20 and travel time can take up to 2 hours. Those coming from Russia, China, and South Korea can fly directly to Cam Ranh International Airport.

From the airport, travel to the city centre via a 30-minute taxi ride for USD 15, or via shuttle bus services that charge USD 3 per person.

Nha Trang can also be accessed via train. Connections from Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City allows you to get to Nha Trang in 8 hours for a fare that costs around USD 30 to USD 43. Train rides from Hanoi is also an option but it can take you 27 hours to reach Nha Trang train station.

Tourists coming from Hoi An, Mui Ne, Da Nang, Khanh Hoa, Binh Dinh and Phan Thiet can reach Nha Trang via bus. Travel can take up to 14 hours.


Money Matters

Nha Trang is a developed city with ATMs all over the place — you can either find them individually or in groups. VND (Vietnamese Dong) is still the generally accepted currency here but you will be surprised that some establishments — hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops — actually prefer USD as payment. Exchange your USD to VND in gold shops — they offer better rates. Keep just enough VND for small transactions — fares, entrance fees — since you won’t be able to use it after Vietnam.



Unlike the rest of Southern Vietnam, Nha Trang is not affected by floods from Monsoon rains. Nha Trang has a warm, beautiful climate all throughout the year except for October, November, and December. The best time to visit is between March and April.


Getting Around

Getting around Nha Trang is easy and convenient thanks to well-paved roads and an impressive transportation system. Attractions are located near each other, so you can transfer from one spot to another via walking. Other popular options include taking the cyclo (VND 22,000 or USD 0.97 per kilometre)  or xo-em (VND 15,000 or USD 0.66 per kilometre). For distant destinations, you can opt for taxis.



Like its beautiful landscapes, Nha Trang’s dishes are heavily influenced by the sea. Here, you’ll find the famous Bun Cha Ca, a noodle dish with broth mixed with grilled fish and chewy fish cakes. Nha Trang’s streetfood — squid pancakes, fish cake, and jellyfish vermicelli — are always made up of fresh, delicious catch from the sea. This city is also famous for its bo nuong lac canch or grilled beef, and grilled pork rolls. For dessert, try Dac seed — a delicious concoction of coconuts and pineapples — and the sweet, tangy mango rice paper.


With Nha Trang, there are more solid reasons to go South. Fall in love with its beaches, know Vietnam more through its history and culture, and feast upon its stand out delicacies. You’ll never be bored in this unique and interesting city of the South.

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