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Koh Phi Phi

It is well known throughout the world that Thailand has some of the most spectacular and magnificent islands in the world.

Phi-Phi comes at the forefront when talking about these majestic natural beauties. The island in the Phuket district is enlivened by glittering white sand coastlines, crystal clear waters, thriving marine wildlife, and a laid-back lifestyle that separates you from the bustle of urban life. Experience the pinnacle of a beach vacation from Thailand’s island-superstar.



The island is an archipelago of small islands and these small islands in itself are enough to satisfy your beach cravings. You can choose to meet new friends in Koh Phi Phi Leh and Maya Bay, which is liveliest during peak season days. Alternatively, you can experience tranquility in the untouched beaches of Bamboo Island and of Loh Moo Dee. Other water activities are snorkeling, diving, shark watching, and joining a booze cruise – which can be quite rowdy. You can also visit Vicing cave or go rock climbing if you’re done with the splashing. Lastly, you can just relax with the locals or learn their cuisine in a cooking school for tourists.


Getting There

The nearest airport to Phi Phi Island is the Phuket International Airport, so you can book a flight directly going here. From Phuket, go to the Rassada Pier then take a 2-hour ferry ride going to Phi Phi Island. You can also opt to arrive in Krabi International Airport, go to the Klong Jirad Pier located at the southern part of the town, then take a 90-minute ferry ride to Phi Phi Island. Make sure to always arrive in early for the trip you intend to take as seats are almost always full especially during peak seasons.


Money Matters

Phi Phi’s healthy tourism industry makes it a modern island, so access to financial resources will not be a problem for tourists. ATMs are stationed strategically in the island near accommodation establishments and around the vicinity of the arrival pier. So you can easily stack up on cash before going to isolated beaches. The island’s big establishments have also adapted to accepting and processing card transactions.



The best time to visit Phi Phi Island is between November to April, which also coincides with the peak tourist season. The general weather during this time is comparatively cooler and pleasant, with occasional light to heavy showers. The island experiences the hottest temperatures from March to mid-May. While the island’s monsoon season is from mid-May to October. These months are also considered as the cheapest month to visit – so it’s also ok to plan a visit around this time, as even though it’s considered the monsoon season, it’s still rare for the island to experience continuous heavy rainfall.


Getting Around

Phi Phi is a relatively small island and an environment-friendly one. It takes the latter quite seriously, so there are no buses and taxis on the island. The only means of transportation is exercising those legs and feet by walking or cycling. Renting a bicycle is quite affordable on the island. The main means of transportation when crossing the islands of the Phi Phi Archipelago is the long-tail boat that costs around THB 150 (USD 5) for shorter trips and can charge by the hour for longer ones.



The influx of tourism in the island these past years forced the food establishments of the island to up their game. Now, Phi Phi is gaining a healthy reputation for serving delicious and innovative dishes. Of course, the most common ingredient to be found in their dishes is still coconut milk and lots of spices such as lemongrass, ginger, and the irreplaceable chilli. Rice dishes imbued with the richness of coconut milk and paired with the goodness of seafood like prawns and shrimps are one of their specialties. Their noodle dishes are cooked in extreme heat and also taste extremely hot – spices everywhere. Their soup dishes are a culmination of what happens when spice and coconut milk come together and along with fresh seafood such as crab meat and fish – altogether makes for a salivating experience. Lastly, the island is abundant in healthy fruits, which makes for the best desserts for every meal.


Phi Phi Island might be separate from mainland Thailand but the best of Thailand is never far from it. In fact, it is improved by the simplicity of Phi Phi Island Life – stroll the beaches and enjoy the dishes.

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