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Ao Nang

Ao Nang is a small town off the district of Krabi that's well-known for its breathtakingly beautiful coastlines, beach systems, and marine wildlife.

It might be small in area, but it packs a punch when it comes to its ability to draw tourists. With a mixture of simplicity and modernity, Ao Nang satisfies the unique souls of its visitors – be it the wild and outgoing or the reserved and tranquil. The warm hospitality of its residents further adds to the allure of its charm.



Adventure and relaxation are two difficult things to combine, but in Ao Nang, both can be experienced in abundance. Of course, the most prized treasure of Ao Nang would be its islands and beaches – golden coasts hugged by waves of crystal clear water and virtually untouched by human encroachment. Ao Nang’s coastlines are literally paradise. To complete that experience, you should not hesitate to go scuba diving and appreciate its thriving marine wildlife. Other than its famous water features, cave explorations, treetop adventures, and rock climbing can also be experienced on its land. After a tiring day of adventures, you can still wind up at the bustling nightlife of Ao Nang’s bars and cafes.


Getting There

The Krabi International Airport is about 40 minutes away by land travel from Ao Nang – so this remains to be the best way to reach this destination.


Money Matters

Surprisingly, ATMs and banks in Ao Nang can easily be found. Money changers are also stationed at markets or shopping areas – so you will have no issues in converting your currency to the local Thai Baht (THB). At the same time, a number of big establishments have begun to accept and honour credit card transactions. However, it’s still advisable to bring cash to transact with small establishments and to be on the safe side.



The best time to visit Ao Nang is during the high season – which runs from the months of November to March. Temperatures during this time are manageable and the skies are relatively clear with small chances of drizzles. Temperatures peak from April to May reaching a maximum of 36 degrees Celsius – scorching but still perfect for summer lovers. The low season corresponds with the wet season that spans from June to October when chances of rain increase per month and peaks in late October.


Getting Around

Tuk-tuks are the most affordable means of transportation in Ao Nang, they are also extremely fun and adventurous. Songthaews are also operating in the town. Motorbikes can be rented per day and let you explore at your own pace. The most expensive yet also most comfortable is via rented car or taxis. A rented car might be out of the question as you might have a hard time in terms of navigation.



Ao Nang cuisine has started inculcating into their dishes techniques and tastes of foreign influences, like Indian or Chinese dishes. They also put a lot of emphasis on cleanliness – so you can expect the cleanest and freshest ingredients. Seafood is the main star of meaty dishes, while fibrous vegetables are the counterpart for vegetarian variants. Grilling and barbecuing are the two most popular methods of cooking meat for Ao Nang Restaurants. Sweet and spicy condiments dominate the flavours – a perfect contrast to their beach life and nightlife. At the same time, most dishes still have that distinct richness and creaminess brought about by coconut milk – which is added and used generously in most dishes such as rice with coconut milk and spicy noodle dishes with coconut milk broth. Random and unique, but flavourful and addictive. Bars around the place have also adapted to liquor preferences of the tourists as can be seen with the popularity of cocktail drinks.


Thailand is truly a treasure chest of precious vacation experiences and Ao Nang can be considered one of its rarest gems. Regardless of its territorial and population size, it is towering when it comes to its tourist-captivating powers.

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