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Batanes consists of 10 floating islands that are beautifully made – boasting of breathtaking sceneries that include extinct volcanoes, crystal clear beaches, rugged cliffs, and green hills.

In a country that is known for its natural resources and numerous beautiful beaches, Batanes is one of the top places to explore in the Philippines. Batanes offers tourists a calm and relaxed vacation in its amazing islands, clean environment, and hospitable locals. In fact, residents are well known for their honesty and uprightness that they even have an honesty coffee shop – a shop that employs no sales clerk and customers are trusted upon to pay for their own purchases.



Aside from its virtuous residents, Batanes also has a very rich culture and a number of beautiful tourist attractions. Some of which are the three lighthouses of Batanes: Basco, Tayid, and Sabtang. You can also enjoy one of a kind spots and views in places like the Chawa and Mahatao View decks, Vayang Rolling Hills, and Mahayaw Arch.lovers, whether you are in a group or a solo traveller. Although very budget friendly, the city also extends luxury experiences in one of its many upscale hotels and resorts.


Getting There

The entry point to Batanes is from the Basco Airport. From the airport, you can either walk or ride a tricycle to where you are staying. You can tour and get around the island via tricycle, van, jeepney, or boat.


Money Matters

The currency for trading in Batanes is Philippine peso. Before going, make sure to withdraw extra money, as there is only one ATM machine in the place provided by Landbank. Accommodations go for as low as USD 7 per person per night, with meals starting at USD 1 each.



The weather in Batanes is mostly cold – giving you a fresh breeze of air everyday. However, the place is very susceptible to typhoons due to its location in the Philippine archipelago. The best time to go is during the summer months of March to May.


Getting Around

You can get around Batanes via tricycle, van, or boats. Fares can be as low as USD 1 for a one-way ride. You can also book a tour via a travel agent – tour packages can cost around USD 100 for 3 days. Getting around the place is not a problem especially if you will book your tour ahead of time.



Batanes cuisine is mostly composed of seafood. Lobster is available for a very affordable price of less than USD 10. Desserts made of yams are also available, which is unsurprising given that yam is one of the main vegetables available in the island. A meal of rice and viands can be had for as low as USD 1.


Batanes’ harmonious environment, accommodating locals, and breathtaking scenery make it one of the top spots to visit in the Philippines. It is the perfect place to relax and recharge from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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