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Go off the beaten path and explore Borneo’s natural wonders and cultural riches in Sarawak.

Sarawak is a Malaysian state located on the northwest Borneo Island, so guests with a taste for nature and adventure would love the island’s immaculate rainforests and rich biodiversity. A visit to its city of Kuching would allow you to spot orangutans, crocodiles, monkeys, and even Rafflesia – the world’s largest flower. Aside from Kuching, guests can also hike in Kelabit Highlands, or explore stunning bat caves and amazing rock formations of Gunung Mulu National Park.



Sarawak’s main tagline is it is the place where adventure lives – and this is rightfully so considering the number of attractions in the state. Top of the list is a visit to the Semenggoh Nature Reserve, Bako National Park, Deer Cave, and the Sarawak Cultural Village. Guests who love the outdoors have a lot of activities to choose from, such as a visit to the Fairy and Mulu Caves, Kubah and Niah National Parks, and the Kuching Wetlands National Park.


Getting There

International flights from several European countries, ASEAN countries, and Australia fly directly to major cities in Sarawak such as the capital city Kuching, Miri, Sibu, and Bintulu. On the other hand, you can also opt to fly in from Malaysia’s capital of Kuala Lumpur. Ferry and express boats going to Sarawak from Brunei, Labuan, and West Kalimantan are also available.


Money Matters

Establishments in Sarawak accept and use the official Malaysian currency of Ringgit Malaysia – MYR or RM. Banks and ATM machines are available in Sarawak, while hotels and other big establishments also accept credit cards.



Temperatures in Sarawak on average are always high, with May considered as the warmest month and January as the coolest. Rains are common in the month of January, and July is considered as the driest month. The best time to visit Sarawak would be during the months of January, February, and December when the weather is pleasant with an average temperature.


Getting Around

Transportation in Sarawak may be a bit of a challenge with the slightly unreliable public transportation system and congested roads. You can opt to travel via taxis, however, make sure that you do not haggle nor board an unmetered taxi, and always insist that the meter is used. Another option is via shuttle vans marked “Bas Persiaran,” which can bring you around the city or any requested destination, average daily rates start at RM 280 (USD 67.32), while additional rates may be imposed after 18:00.



Foodie lovers would love Sarawak and its diverse local food scene as it has a lot of influences – from Malay and Chinese cuisine, mixed with Bornean flavours. Must-try dishes include Kolo Mee – a signature Sarawak food that consists of boiled springy noodles mixed with light oil soy sauce garlic and MSG, and Laksa Sarawak – laksa with thin white vermicelli noodles in a milky and spicy curry broth with bean sprouts, prawns, and cilantro. At the same time, popular restaurants that should be included on your list are:

  • Noodle Descendants
  • Chong Choon Café
  • Ah Mui Beef Noodles
  • Lau Ya Keng Temple Food Court
  • Kek Lapis Sayang Salhah
  • Swee Kang Ais Kacang


Truly, Sarawak is where adventure lives – with its nature reserves, national parks, and caves, all waiting for adventurous travellers to explore it.

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