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Thailand – Top 10 Beaches

Thailand is an extremely bountiful country when it comes to its national treasures. And one of its treasures is its spectacular and stunning beaches. Beach lovers are truly spoiled in the coastlines of the Land of Smiles. And to help you out with your holiday, we have tried to come up with a list of the priceless havens of sandy relaxation, but do note that Thailand’s exquisite beaches are just too many to explore in a lifetime. Without further ado, here are the Top Ten Thai Beaches.

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Railay Beach

One of Krabi’s many pretty beaches, Railay Beach is its crowning jewel. Hemmed in by craggy limestone cliffs and surrounded by dense rainforest, Railay is accessible only by longtail boat. Clear blue water and small islands on the horizon add beauty to the already spectacular coastline. Other than the common swimming and snorkeling activities that can be done here, rock-climbing is surprisingly popular here with all the rock cliffs available for scaling. A perfect ending to your rock climbing is the fact that you can then jump to the sea after a tiring climb to the peak. Peaceful me-time is also one of the highlights of the beach – you can just sunbathe in the beach, read a book under the shade, or just compose your thoughts while enjoying the views. The beach offers a handful of accommodations ranging from basic bungalows to sprawling luxury resorts, which are usually filled with people during the high season.

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Koh Phangan Beaches

Kho Phangan is literally a hotbed for all kinds of beach lovers – serene lovers and party lovers. Koh Phangan Beaches are composed of these glittering beaches: Haad Rin – the most popular one because of its crazy and lively full moon parties, Haad Yao – its titleholder for best sunset spot in the island and coral reefs brimming with aquatic life and aquatic beauty, Haad Salad – a secluded gem unnoticed by most tourists but appreciated by those with a coastline exploration hobby, and Thong Nai Pan – the perfect paradise for those who aren’t comfortable with crowds and prying eyes, perfect for honeymooners. And there are patches of beaches among those big ones, one that’s gaining popularity right now is Bottle Beach, which is accessible only by boat and offers one of the most tranquil experiences ever. Koh Phangan – an island worthy to be in all of our travel goals.

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Kata Noi and Kata Beach in Phuket

These two beaches illustrate the two types of beach enthusiasts: the energetic ones and the relaxing ones. It also doesn’t hurt that both these beaches are just BESIDE each other. Kata Beach features luxurious hotels busy with tourists, and restaurants and bars that enliven the nightlife of its visitors. Kata Noi, on the other hand, is where repose is found as it is lined with sunset bars and small shacks selling cold Singha and good food. Noises can mostly be heard from the waves crashing or idle chatter from the visitors in trance-like states while basking at a lounger or reading a book in the palm trees shades. So what are you waiting for? Want to experience a vacation with both adrenaline and oxytocin (hormone of calm, love and healing); look no further than Kata Noi and Kata Beach in the notorious island of Phuket.

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Chaweng Beach

Koh Samui’s largest town is also home of the most active nightlife – other than having a great beach. The extravagant resorts north of Chaweng Beach offer blissful spots to wind-up and enjoy a well-earned spa treat, but if you’d rather enjoy the magnificent views with a touch of relaxing liquor and go binge-partying as the sun sets, there are plenty of opportunities to do just that. The entire coastline of Chaweng Beach is teeming with beachfront bars that become aroused with vigour during happy hour and only get rowdier as the night deepens.

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Koh Samet Beaches

Koh Samet is the destination for those who want to enjoy the pleasures of the coast, yet still near the reach of the capital: Bangkok – only by a 4-hour bus and ferry trip. Sai Kaew Beach is the model beach in among its peers in Koh Samet. It is the ideal destination for a quick recharge for a stressed soul. Ingeniously finding a balance between the passive (romantic morning strolls, afternoon snoozes, and sand and sunbathing) with the active (splashing, swimming and snorkeling; binge-drinking and partying), Sai Kaew captivates and satisfies its visitors conflicted urges: to indulge and to relax. It also has a bonus: Koh Samet has the driest weather even during the wet season for the whole country. No rainy days to ruin your mood.

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Koh Chang Beaches

Another one of Thailand’s well-blessed islands, Koh Chang beaches are well known for their immaculate coastlines – made much more beautiful with its breathtaking white sand. Their star island is the White Sand Beach whereas the name evidences it, the sand is soft and fine beyond definition with a colour of undeniable pure white. This beautiful stretch of beach on the west side of the island has dancing shadows of palm and coconut trees, further emphasised with the backdrop of entrancing sloping hills. A hub of beach bums and backpackers, nighttime is a state of passionate and intimate relaxation with these party people preferring candle-lit tables, fire dancers and thumping sounds from simple clubs rather than the more expensive ones. The fact that the island is a national park also doesn’t hurt, since modernisation is monitored and natural beauty is maintained.

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Phra Nang Beach

Krabi’s Phra Nang Beach is often recognized among the most beautiful beaches around the world. Catch a long-tail boat from the rowdy beach of Ao Nang to experience the stunning sights and find solace at the beaches’ undisturbed atmosphere. The glistening sands of white are shadowed by towering cliffs, limestone rocks are turned to yielding soft ones as reflected by the crystal clear waters, and a cave filled with phallus-shaped tributes adds to its entertainment factor. Teeming coral reefs, explorable sea caves, and a touch of food and liquor vendors complete this tropical paradise.

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Laem Tong Beach

Part of Kho Phi Phi’s collection of enviable beaches, Laem Tong is one of its most secluded and exclusive. Its beauty depends on the time of the day: sunrise enlivens its features with the soft touch of sunlight, noontime transforms it into a shining stretch of golden beauty, and the moonlight transforms its beads into beacons of intimacy. The prized features of Laem Tong are accessible only by longtail boat or a private speedboat that ferries guests off at one of several deluxe resorts. The abundant reefs and its neighbouring islands, one of which is the popular Bamboo Island, are home to multiple aquatic residents and satisfies the wildest dreams of both the experienced and the greenhorn snorkeler and diver.

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Donald Duck Bay

One of the most unique beaches on the Similan Islands, Donald Duck Bay can be found on Island 8. Taking its name from the iconic shape of the rocks towering over the small bay, this is the best beach in a small island teeming with beautiful beaches. Powdery white sands are hugged by the waves from the deep blue waters that are full of different aquatic residents, and the contrasting lushness of its green jungle exquisitely complements the coast – and is home to fascinating flora and fauna.

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Koh Lipe Secrets

This small island near the Thailand/Malaysia border is an undisturbed paradise at the moment, with only a few visitors experiencing its enchanting coasts as most are flocking in the more popular ones around the country. The Pattaya, Sunrise and Sunset beaches are three of the most endowed natural wonders of the island. Encompassed by huge boulders that divide and disturb sand and water, this ‘secret’ paradise, with its fine sand, cyan skies, and sapphire-like waters will bewitch those who seek refuge from the noise and enjoy a sense of timelessness. The few bungalows and driftwood-built restaurants awaken you from this state of delight. Sun loungers scattered on the beach and vendors selling cold drinks are the only signs of development in the area.

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