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Thailand – Staying Connected

Thailand – it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. It would be such a waste if you can’t update your Instagram or if you miss out on must-see places just because the Internet is not working. Knowing about ways to stay connected in Thailand can help you enjoy your trip. Although the internet connection in Thailand is far from perfect, it can still help you with your information and social media needs.

Before Buying a Local SIM

Before buying a Thai Sim card, be sure to that your phone is unlocked. You can ask your network carrier to unlock it prior to your travel. If you’re unable to do this, you can proceed to local phone shops in Thailand – they can help unlock your phone. But be sure to approach only credible shops.

Mobile Service Providers

There are three major players in the market when it comes to providing the best internet connection: DTAC, TrueMove and AIS (also known as One-2-Call.) These three companies ensure to give the best deals for their subscribers. Here’s some information that might help you decide which carrier is best suited to your travel needs.


People are familiar with AIS because of the fast Internet that it offers. It also provides a consistent signal even if you are in the islands. AIS has the largest 3G or 4G network for 1800 and 2100 MHz band in the country. Just for USD 10, you can use the card with 1.5GB of data valid for a week plus USD 3 call card credit valid for a month. If you opt to register your card every day, you’ll only need to spend 58cents for 100MB daily connection; USD 2 to USD 3 for weekly connection of 1GB with varying speed; USD 14 for monthly 5GB; USD 26 for 14GB. These top-ups can be purchased in some convenient stores or from AIS centres. There are also a lot of WiFi hotspots that the company offers that will not affect the data usage of the subscriber when they are connected.

You can purchase their SIM at the airport, shopping malls, and telecom stands. Each SIM costs USD 1.50.


TrueMove is Thailand’s second largest internet provider in the market and the one that is heavily advertised. It is available nationwide and you can purchase TrueMove SIM cards at any True Corp stores or 7/11 kiosks. Top-ups are also available in 7/11 and Family Mart for the convenience of the customers.

For low-speed data packages or 3G, they offer packages as low as 58 cents for 100MB and USD 21 for a 30-day connection with 6GB consumable data.


Dtac is the third largest network based on the number of users. The company owns the biggest wireless bandwidth in the country. It also has a 5G connection that started in Bangkok and now extends to 40 other cities nationwide. You can get their SIM from almost any shop including at the airports.

They have a default rate for their data on all prepaid SIM – USD 0.060 per MB. They have high-speed volume for 4G and light packages for 3G. 4G packages start at 58 cents for 100MB data consumable for 24 hours and USD 60 for a 20MB data allocation and free Dtac calls good for 30 days.

Tourist SIM

Tourist SIMs in Thailand offered by the service providers have the same prices and data allocations like other SIM cards. The only difference is that tourist SIM cards have an expiration. So, if you are not sure on how long you’ll be staying in Thailand, it is better to buy a prepaid SIM than a Tourist one.

Also, be ready to present your passport as you need it to purchase a SIM.

For WIFI access

Establishments like malls, hotels, and restaurants offer reliable Wifi hotspots in almost all cities in Thailand, so connecting to the Internet will not be a hassle.

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