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Thailand – Must-Try Activities

Enjoying a vacation in Thailand means trying out a number of fun and exciting adventures, man-made thrills, and the multiple gastronomic conquests. Thinning out the list is very difficult but we’ve tried to balance it out for you: this list includes diverse activities including beaches, food, and even people.

Visit the Grand Palace

Set in the heart of Bangkok, the Grand Palace is probably the most famous attraction there is. For 150 years, the palace was home to the king, his court, and the entire government of Thailand as well as the Royal Mint. Just dress conservatively, the palace has a strict dress code.

Don’t Hesitate to Try Insect Delicacies

Hungry and want a boost in protein? Try the Thais’ lovely crispy crawlies! Grasshoppers and locusts are in the menu of most street stalls – they crunch like chicken skin with a bit of a weird sensation on the tongue. The pincers and unique texture actually hide a sweet and nutty flavor. A true Thailand experience can’t be achieved without munching on these insects.

Bring the Flavours of Thailand to your Home

Thailand cuisine is world-famous and acknowledged as one of the richest and spiciest collections of gastronomic masterpieces. And, Thai cooks and kitchen experts are willing to share their expertise with the tourists – for a price, of course. Cooking classes are prevalent and abundant in most tourist spots in the country, especially in the popular coastlines. Enroll in these cooking classes and learn Northern and Southern Thailand dishes and bring home the irresistible goodness of Pad Thai and Tom Yum.

Experience the Rowdiness in Walking Street, Pattaya

Tourist havens in Thailand are sure to have their own form of nightlife, but nothing beats the unlimited energy surging from Walking Street, Pattaya – energy that emerges only when the sun goes down. Bars, go-go joints, and cabarets teem the street from Beach Road to Bali Hali Pier. The rowdy music and captivating neon signs tell you that you can’t explore this stopover in just one night.

Volunteering is Fun

Enjoying Thailand does not necessarily mean that you can only do so with a vacation — volunteer opportunities are abundant in the country and all help is appreciated. And, you’re not required to spend months on it, you can actually offer up your services by helping local children for a day or even a week at most. But, if you’re a dedicated to it, month-long volunteer opportunities are available in different parts of the country, in different aspects as well, from environmental to social awareness.

Discover the Past of Thailand at the Ayutthaya Ruins

Probably the most informative place that shows a glimpse of the Old Thailand Kingdoms and its glory days. The ruins, monuments, and temples show a glimpse of Thailand like no other place in the country. Add the fact that the structures are impressive and magnificent even for its age. One of the highlights is the hidden head in Wat Mahathat – a mind-boggling case as to how this concrete head managed to latch onto the roots of a tree.

Discover the Gigantic Shopping Centers of Bangkok

Bangkok’s shopping community is not only grand – it is also numerous. This is due to the many established and luxurious shopping centres in the capital. Siam Paragon, CentralWorld, MBK, and EmQuartier are just some of the structures that house scores of known brands – from fashion to food. Go on a shopping spree in Bangkok during the weekends. Survive the ordeal and be named a “Certified Bangkok Shopper!”

Railay Beach

Considered one of the best beaches in the country, Railay Beach is a not-so-secret secret paradise. Only accessible by longboat and is assured to be serene and immaculate, this beautiful coastline sitting in between Krabi and Ao Nong features beautiful cave systems, alluring lagoons, and an overall intimate feel. A Thai escapade can truly be called an escape from all the worries if you managed to experience the jaw-dropping simple exquisiteness of Railay Beach.

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