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Singapore – Must Try Hawker Centres

Tourists tend to be on-the-go most of the time in order to explore and do as many activities as possible during their limited stay. However, anyone would always stop and make time to eat — whether they are a foodie or not. In such instances, most tourists would take advantage and try out local dishes and food places. In Singapore, a popular tourist food destination is their hawker centres. Here are a few hawker centres you should make time to visit and try:


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Maxwell Road Hawker Centre: Take your time in exploring this hawker centre as the food choices found here are guaranteed to capture anyone’s appetite. The food hub features a variety of food stalls and selections that offer unique and delicious menus and dishes that will surely satisfy any of your cravings. After eating your heart’s content, you should wash it all down with a hot tea drink that’s guaranteed to relax you after a tiring day of exploring.


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Chomp Chom Food Centre: Include this hawker centre in your itinerary and try out popular local dishes such as Prawn Mee, grilled stingray, Hokkien Mee, barbecued chicken wings, fried oysters, satay, and other delicious delicacies. At the same time, this hawker centre is open as early as 6 am and closes its doors quite late, thereby accommodating both early-risers and night owls.


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Tiong Bahru Market Hawker Centre: Visit this hawker centre for incredibly delicious and affordable dishes. One highlight of this centre is that it is probably one of the most spacious and well-organised hawker centre in Singapore, making it appealing to customers who prefer lesser crowds and a more relaxed ambiance. Unlike other hawker centres wherein you’re likely to walk out smelling of food, the Tiong Bahru centre boasts of a state-of-the-art exhaust system that makes the place well-ventilated.


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Chinatown Food Complex Food Centre: Dishes are both sumptuous and affordable in this hawker centre. A distinct quality of this food hub is that while a number of stalls offer the same dishes, each dish differs from the other in terms of ingredients, general presentation, and even prices. Dishes can go for as low as SGD 2.50 to SGD 4. It is also considered as the largest hawker centre in the country with more than 250 food stalls, hence you’re guaranteed to find a wide array of food choices and local sights all around.


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Old Airport Road Food Centre: This hawker centre is quite popular for its affordable food choices: with a majority of the dishes reasonably priced at an average of SGD 1.50 to SGD 3 each. This is also the oldest hawker place and also offers a large number of food stalls, so you’re guaranteed to find the most popular local dishes at any time of the day.

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