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Brunei – Staying Connected

Wouldn’t it be such a shame if you visited Brunei and you can’t update anyone about it because there’s no way to stay connected? Fortunately, that is something that’s almost impossible to happen in one of Southeast Asia’s richest countries. Thanks to easy mobile connectivity and the increasing number of establishments offering Wi-Fi services, you can stay on the loop even while in one of the mysterious countries in Borneo. If you’re planning to travel to Brunei soon, it’s best to know the many ways you can stay connected. Included below are some trusted options for staying connected in Brunei.

There are two telco providers in the country – the DST and Progresif. These companies undergo strict processes to be able to enter the market and offer products to local and foreign customers. They both provide 2G, 3G and 4G services and both offer good roaming rates. Each company sells prepaid credits that will allow the subscribers to take advantage of the cheap local promotions and deals. Purchasing a SIM card comes with some rules and regulations especially for foreign visitors. First, you need to show them your passport, fill up some forms and you can officially register the number using your ID before you can use it.


A popular option when it comes to mobile internet is DST. This market leader offers 2G, 3G, and 4G network to all its customers. To make purchasing easier for everyone, their SIM cards are available in airport malls and official stores across the country.

The following SIM cards for DST are: Easi, EasiTourist, and Go! Broadband. Easi is a talk and data SIM for locals while EasiTourist is for foreigners but the features are still the same. Go! Broadband is used for data alone. For the local SIM, the starter pack usually costs USD 21.74 with USD 3.62 credit that is valid for 7 days. Default data charges start at 0.0072 per 200 KB. For activation, you need to dial 159 to listen to prompts and select your preferred language – either English or Malay.

The EasiTourist retails for USD 10.87 with USD 3.62 for credit and charges 14cents per KB. Its data only SIM retails for USD 21.72 and comes with USD 7.25 credit valid for 15 days from the date of activation. The default credit is also 0.0072 per KB.

If you want additional credits, EasiLOAD recharges cards and can be purchased for USD 1.45-72.47. Each load is valid for 2 to 100 days. It also has bonus credit points depending on the amount.

With DST’s wide coverage, it is ideal for people who plan to stay outside the city or capital.


Progresif has cheaper rates but in terms of coverage, most consider their services substandard. It is recommended for those that will only be going around the city as Progresif cards are cheaper and have the best prices.

SIM cards are available on their official stores and you need your passport for identification purposes before you can purchase one.

It offers 2 kinds of SIM, the Progresif Prepaid and Progresif Unlimited. Last 2017, they also started offering the Tourist Plan. All three cards are free of charge but you need to add credit before using it.

Progresif Prepaid is a voice and plan data that will be active for 1 year. To activate this, you need to buy a top-up of USD 7.25. Dial 179 and accurately provide your information for full activation.

Progresif Unlimited is a build your own plan package that is good for a year. To activate it, you need to add a credit of BND 25 or USD 18.12. Upon activation, you also need to choose between a Base Data Plan for BND 10 or USD 7.25 per month that only includes 1GB of data or a Base Mobile Plan for BND 25 or USD 18.12 per month with calls, text, and data, including unlimited calls and text in Brunei. You can also customise the plan depending on the data package that you want.

The Tourist Plan has two different options – the  BND 10 and the BND 25. BND 10 is worth USD 7.25 and includes 1GB data, 10 international minutes, 10 international SMS, and unlimited domestic minutes and SMS. BND 25, on the other hand, has unlimited data with the same features for calls and text abroad and unlimited domestic minutes and SMS.

With reliable connectivity options around the city and in remote places, you can never miss out on anything while in Brunei.

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