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Bandung is more than just a village with cold weather. Lovely since its inception, it had transformed into a modern city where various religions, cultures, and lifestyles unite.

The city has also developed quickly. New hotels, apartments, restaurants, coffee shops, and different attractions are sprouting up. Accordingly, traffic has also become the city’s greatest concern, compared to the early 2000s when street conditions were much better.

The coffee shops are now very popular, and are the best places to hang out and taste the dishes that have made Bandung famous. In the hills in Dago, the coffee shops and the restaurants have been decorated as attractively as possible, contributing to the city’s spectacular views.

Amidst the growth, Bandung has retained its nature. Located alongside Dago to Maribaya is Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda, a conservation area surrounded by botanical gardens and pine forests.



Saung Angklung Udjo is one of the most famous attractions in Bandung. Located on the east side of the city, Saung Udjo is known for its performances with the Angklung, a Sundanese traditional instrument. Visitors will be fascinated by theshow, which mostly features children playing the Angklung. Later, the performers will ask visitors to join them and dance to the Angklung music.


Getting There

From Jakarta, there are several ways to reach Bandung. It takes approximately 3 hours to reach the city by train. It is also reacheable by bus, private car, or even travel agencies that provide small buses to get there.


Money Matters

Don’t be afraid if you run out of cash, as ATMs are available almost everywhere in the city. Money changers can also be found easily. Larger shops and restaurants accept Visa or Mastercard.



Bandung is surrounded by volcanoes, making the city cooler than others in Indonesia. Because of its higher elevation, temperatures of between 12 and 20 degrees are common.


Getting Around

Be wary of local taxis. With the exception of Bluebird taxis, most refuse to use the meter and insist on negotiating the fare price instead. Luckily, several online taxes are already available, which are generally cheaper and safer. For a full day trip, renting a private car to get around is best. The local government also provides Bandros, a bus which can take you around Bandung.



Bandung is the best place for a culinary tour. Street food and fine restaurants alike are easy to find. Sundanese food is also known for serving raw vegetables together with sambal (traditional chilli sauce).

Despite being home to some of the nation’s worst traffic during the weekends, Bandung is truly a gem in Indonesia. Even though it is the third largest city in the country, Bandung is unlike a typical metropolitan city. Narrow streets and Dutch heritage houses can still be found in some areas. Visitors here can enjoy nature, a modern city, and great food at the same time. Moreover, Bandung offers excellent hospitality to its tourists.

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