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Travel to Trongsa is a visit back in time.

Magnificently standing on top of a gorge is Ta Dzong. Admire the great architecture of 17th-century watchtower constructed to thwart enemy attacks. Witness firsthand its creator’s foresight as the building continues to fight the forces of nature.  Wonder in its stability, longevity, and importance.



Savour the beauty the royal family’s historical artefacts and Buddhist art at the museum located on top of the Dzong.  Respect the Bhutanese’s dedication to history as they diligently preserve the 500-year old jacket and football boots of the teenaged 4th King. Dare to climb the Yutong La Pass where majestic mountains dazzle the eyes during clear days.  Appreciate Bhutanese dedication to deep spirituality through their colourful prayer flags.

Learn Bhutanese history at the Thru Epang Palace, the birthplace of Jigme Dorji Wangchuk. Come to Trongsa with an abiding reverence for Bhutanese culture, history, and religion and bask in its beauty, serenity, and simplicity.


Getting There

Entry to Bhutan from other countries is through the Paro International Airport. Travel from Paro to Trongsa takes about 4 hours and 43 minutes by car at a distance of 236 kilometres. There are also taxis but they charge by fixed contract price which can be expensive. Shared taxis can also be had at a cheaper cost. Other tourists opt to get a taxi from Paro to Thimphu and then take a bus ride to Trongsa. The downside of bus travel is that the schedule can be infrequent, most of the time the seats are already fully-booked, and travel time takes longer. The ideal is to have a tour package inclusive of rented vehicle and a guide to maximise your visit.

The roads in Bhutan are narrow and the country is moving fast to convert all their mountainside roads into two lanes to allow for faster public transportation. Those who are from India can travel to Phuentsholing then to Thimphu and then Trongsa.  They can either take the bus, shared taxi, or Toyota Coasters than can sit 22 persons for a convenient ride.


Money Matters

Ngultrum or BTN is the national currency of Bhutan, which is pegged with Indian Rupee (INR). Indian Rupees are an acceptable medium of exchange in Bhutan except for the 500 and 100 denominations due to the proliferation of counterfeit bills. US Dollars (USD) are easily negotiated and exchanged at Thimphu but not in remote towns and districts. Automated Teller Machines are scarce at the outskirts of Bhutan.  It is better to have a considerable amount of local currency for immediate and emergency needs.



The ideal time to visit Trongsa is from December to February when the weather is favourable. In December, festivals are held so it is a good time for families and even single travelers to enjoy them.

March and October give tourists fair and pleasant weather without the expensive rates of hotels and incidentals because it is no longer peak season.

Summer is from April to June and heavy rains come after, which make trekking and roaming around tourist spots less ideal.


Getting Around

Visiting the beautiful sites in Trongsa is a cinch.  The place is small but compact.  The tour is like a leisurely walk occasionally treated to delightful structures and interiors, peaceful and refreshing environments, and spectacular and spell-bounding vistas.



Bhutanese dishes are almost always hot and spicy and seem to be influenced by other Asian nations such as Japan, Korea, and Thailand.  Ema Datshi (chilli and cheese), Jasha Maroo (spicy chicken), Paksha Paa (pork with red chilli) are some of the most sought-after delicacies.  Red or white rice goes perfectly well with these dishes. Tea and alcoholic beverages are also typically taken at the side.


Trongsa is filled with history, culture, and religious significance. Visiting this town — which is a gateway to the eastern part of the country — is a quick break from the city’s noise. Here, you can enjoy refreshing peace.

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