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Ho Chi Minh Square

While traversing the famous Nguyen Hue Street, you’ll stumble upon Ho Chi Minh Square, an iconic tourist spot for folks taking a break, or for visitors wanting to mingle with locals.

Located in the centre of District 1, Ho Chi Minh Square is known for the breathtaking landscape that surrounds it — everywhere you look you’ll find elegant French colonial-style buildings. And the commanding statue of Uncle Ho — the country’s remarkable leader — seems to act like a sentinel of Ho Chi Minh Square. The square is a place for a myriad of activities — tourists taking endless vacation shots, visitors eager to eat street food, locals exercising or taking leisure breaks — and is a must-see for anyone who wants to experience the city’s beauty and local life.



Ho Chi Minh Square is located at Nguyen Hue Pedestrian Plaza.


Opening Days and Hours

Opens daily, 24 hours.


Entry Fee and Bookings

Entrance is free.


How to Get There

  • Fly to Ho Chi Minh City via AirAsia, Philippine Airlines, Korean Airlines, and Thai Airlines.
  • From the airport, board a taxi or a shuttle to the city centre.
  • From the city centre, charter a mototaxi or a taxi to Ho Chi Minh Square.


Suggested For

  • Solo travelers
  • Couples
  • Families with kids
  • Groups of friends


Time to Spend

Average time spent in this attraction is 1 to 3 hours.


Popularity and Best Time to Go

Ho Chi Minh Square comes to life after 18:00. Visit before 18:00 to see the sunset.


Apart from street food sold by different vendors, visitors to Ho Chi Minh Square can order meals from nearby restaurants such as Prince Churro, Saigon Oi Cafe, Soc San Si, Haha Sushi Restaurant, and Sen Hue.


Nearby Attractions

  • Photo Lap
  • Saigon SkyDeck
  • Book Street
  • Nguyen Hue Street



Nearby accommodations offered by Palace Hotel Saigon, Oscar Saigon Hotel, Saigon Prince Hotel, Rex Hotel, Majestic, Catina Saigon Hotel, and Red Hotel. Rates range from USD 28 to USD 150.

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