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Pra Cha Rat Floating Market

Pra Cha Rat Floating Market is the first floating market in Surat Thani. This iconic attraction is a colourful introduction to the trade and lifestyle of locals.

Here in Pra Cha Rat, the market place is located on both sides of the canal banks – the entire area filled with various items ranging from food to intricate souvenirs. The area is divided into two zones – the temple yard and the garden. In both areas, stalls are selling food, local products, and fresh fruits and vegetables. All of these are affordable and organic. It is highly recommended to try the local delicacies and other Thai food so you can savour authentic local dishes that will surely not disappoint. After shopping, you can proceed to other activities like fish feeding and tour the nearby Attap palm tunnels.



Pra Cha Rat Floating Market is located in Bang Bai Mai, Surat Thani.


Opening Days and Hours

The floating market is open daily from 9:00 to 15:00.


Entry Fee and Bookings

Entrance to this attraction is completely free.


How to Get There

  • Fly to Surat Thani via AirAsia.
  • Board a taxi or a shuttle service to the city centre.
  • Board a taxi to Khao Sok National Park.


Suggested For

  • Solo travellers/backpackers
  • Couples
  • Family
  • Groups


Time to Spend

Suggested duration in this attraction is 3 hours.


Popularity and Best Time to Go

The best time to visit the attraction is at 9:00. Large crowds and the perpetual Thailand heat are not present during the early opening hours.



  • Shopping
  • Tunnel tour



There are various stalls in Pra Cha Rat selling local delicacies.


Nearby Attractions

  • Kho Lamphu
  • Khun Thale
  • Khao Tha Phet
  • Surat Thani Night Market



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History and culture    40

Natural Beauty    20

Nightlife    0

Adventure    20

Family Fun    10

Cost -USD   0

History and culture


Natural Beauty






Family Fun


Cost -USD




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