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Baan Silapin Artists Village

In the immense collection of Bangkok’s tourist treasures, there are those we could surely call a rare find! The Baan Silapin Artist’s Village is one of them. Located along a canal on the Thonburi side of Bangkok, this once disregarded structure is now a hopeful symbol of Thai cultural legacy and continuity!

This enduring structure is prominent for its simple, rustic and serene atmosphere – a perfect place to cultivate the mind’s creativity. Its enormous variety of artistic displays, galleries, and antiques will prepare you for the different activities you can participate in in the area. Their artists’ studios and classes in painting and sculpting ignite the creative streak within the visitors. After satisfying sessions of artistic expression, you can relax and chill out in their trendy coffee and gift shop. If you’re lucky, you might even score an invite to witness the many special exhibitions and performance events hosted by the place. With 15 main artists and supporting crews making sure that you have everything you want available, cleaned and organised, the experience, without a doubt, will be remarkable.



Baan Sinlapin, The Artist’s House, is located at 315 Wat Tong Salangam, Phet Kasem 28, Thanon Phet Kasem, Phasi Charoen, Bangkok, Thailand.


Opening Days and Hours

Opens from 10:00 to 18:00 every Mondays and Tuesdays, 9:00 to 18:00 from Wednesdays to Fridays, and 9:00 to 19:00 during weekends.


Entry Fee and Bookings

Entrance fee costs THB 40 (USD 1.22) for adults and THB 20 (USD 0.61) for children. You also have to pay the art materials you’re going to use, please don’t think that’s part of the entrance fee.


How to Get There

  • Fly to Bangkok.
  • From the city station, board a BTS Sky Train to Wongwian Yai BTS Station.
  • Grab a taxi and mention Baan Silapin or the name of the nearby temple “Wat Kuhasawan.”
  • Look for the road signs or ask the locals, because it is in a secluded alley.


Suggested For

  • Solo travelers or backpackers
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Groups


Time to Spend

More than an hour to three hours if you want to fully maximise the experience, if you’re just there to sightsee the artistic displays, an hour would be enough.


Popularity and Best Time to Go

Baan Silapin Artist’s Village isn’t that much of a tourist-favorite. The lesser amount of people means that any time of the day, they can cater to your utmost needs. After all, those who go to Baan Silapin are those who truly wanted to go there in the first place and knows what to expect of it.



The place had its own coffee shop. Cafes and restaurants near the area are as follows: Noodle shop, Cafe Bossa @KlongBangLuang, Kun Aoy Restaurant, Small Restaurant, and Boyly Restaurant.



Nearby Attractions

Floating Khlong Bang Luang, Wat Thong Sala Ngam, and Wat Kampaeng are just some of the surrounding places you can enjoy after your visit with Baan Silapin.



Nearby accommodations include Bang Luang House Bangkok at USD 50 to 75 per night and Aiim’s Tales Canal Boutique House at USD 45 to 50 per night. The nearest one from the other district is 28 Place Apartment that costs around USD 20 to 25 per night.

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