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Seven Commandos Beach

Beach-lovers who love lounging about in the sand, basking in the sun, will love the long sloping sand of the Seven Commandos Beach.

The first thing guests will notice as they arrive in the Seven Commandos Beach aside from the beach’s long stretch of white sand is the coconut trees that stood proudly along the pristine beach — quite similar to soldiers ready for battle. Whether the island is so named because of these trees, or from a story that seven soldiers got stranded in the island during World War II, one thing is for sure, you and your friends will surely not mind getting stranded in this immaculate beach before marching back to work. It’s wide and gently sloping beach makes it the perfect place for beach activities or even just to lounge about.



The Seven Commandos Beach is located in El Nido, Palawan.


Opening Days and Hours

Tour operations start from 09:00 to 16:00 every day.


Entry Fee and Bookings

The Seven Commandos Beach is the last stop of the El Nido Island Hopping Tour A, which is inclusive of boat, lunch, life vest, snorkeling gear, and tour guide fee. Breakdown of additional costs are as follows:

  • El Nido Island Hopping Tour A: PhP 1,200 (USD 23.15)1 per person
  • Eco-Tourism Development Fee: PhP 200 (USD 3.86) — good for 10 days
  • Kayak Rental Fee: PhP 700 (USD 13.50) – good for the whole day (within tour operating hours)

Total cost is around PhP 2,100 (USD 40.51).


How to Get There

  • From the country’s capital of Manila, you can get to reach the Puerto Princesa International Airport via a 1-hour flight with your preferred airline company.
  • From Palawan’s capital of Puerto Princesa, you can reach El Nido via: van (PhP 550 to 600 or USD 10.61 to 11.57 per person, 5 hours travel time), bus (PhP 385 to 480 or USD 7.43 to 9.26 per person, 6 to 7 hours travel time), or Roro bus (PhP 290 to 380 or USD 5.59 to 7.33 per person, 6 to 7 hours travel time).
  • The vans are located at the airport or you can ride a tricycle or multi-cab going to Robinson’s mall where the terminal is located. For the buses and Roro buses, you can take a tricycle at the airport going to Junction 1 (PhP 8 or USD 0.15 per person) and ride a multicab going to San Jose Terminal. You can also opt to hire a tricycle going there for PhP 80 to 100 (USD 1.54 to 1.93).
  • Once you reach the El Nido bus terminal, you can take a tricycle going to the town centre or straight to your hotel.
  • From either the town centre or along Bacuit Bay, you can then book El Nido’s Island Hopping Tour A.


Suggested For

  • Backpackers/solo travelers
  • Couples
  • Group of friends
  • Families


Time to Spend

You can opt to stay 1 to 2 hours swimming and exploring the beach.


Popularity and Best Time to Go

The best time to visit and enjoy El Nido is during the months of November to May, when the sea is relatively calm and underwater visibility is good.



  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Beach activities such as beach volleyball, sunbathing, etc.



Food is included in the tour package. Refreshment stalls and bars in the area also serve drinks such as fresh coconut juice and beers.


Nearby Attractions

  • Marimegmeg Beach
  • Las Cabanas Beach
  • Entalula Island
  • Small Lagoon
  • Big Lagoon



Accommodations near the Seven Commandos Beach include a number of resorts such as Vellago Resort, APTR – A Place to Remember, and Mary Gold Beachfront Inn. Prices range from USD 40 to USD 400 per night.

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