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Nacpan Beach

Nacpan Beach is one-half of El Nido’s Twin Beaches, with the other half being Calitang Beach.

It is a secluded yet magnificent beach. Perfect for a relaxing and private vacation with your family.



Nacpan Beach is located in El Nido, Palawan.


Opening Days and Hours

Nacpan is open during the day – when it is best to enjoy beachside activities. You can also opt to stay overnight in one of the accommodations available at the shore.


Entry Fee and Bookings

No entrance fee.


How to Get There

You can get to Nacpan Beach from the El Nido city proper via a tricycle or motorbike. A tricycle can accommodate two passengers for the cost of USD 20, and it takes around an hour to get to the beach. On the other hand, a more convenient option is a motorbike, which costs USD 12 per day and for an additional USD 10 you can also get a driver. Only these two vehicles can handle the rough road trails going to the beach.


Suggested For

  • Newlyweds
  • Couples
  • Group of friends
  • Families with kids
  • Backpackers
  • Solo travelers


Time to Spend

You can enjoy the beach for a day and even stay there overnight. For short trips, you can opt to spend at least 3 hours.


Popularity and Best Time to Go

The best time to go to Nacpan Beach is during the summer months of March to early June, when the weather is hot and the water is clear.



  • Swimming
  • Eat and Drink
  • Sun bathing
  • Hill climbing
  • Boating



You can bring your own food, but ensure to keep your trash in its proper place. Eateries and food stalls can be found on the road, where meals cost around USD 1 to 2. You can also eat on the beach itself where locals can serve you unlimited rice, a choice of viand, dessert, and salad for USD 5 per person.



You can opt to stay in one of the hotels and resorts in El Nido, but if you want to stay the night on Nacpan Beach, you can rent a nipa hut along the shore. All nipa hut accommodations feature a bed and electric fan.

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