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Mahayaw Arch

Mahayaw Arch, the most photographed masterpiece in Nakabuang Beach, has become a popular symbol not only of Sabtang Island but of Batanes as well.

Visitors who brave the clashing waters of the West China Sea and the Pacific Ocean get their reward once they get to Sabtang Island’s Mahayaw Arch. There is more to it than its unique beauty – as locals believe the island was once underwater and the corals that are found along the walls of the arch is a proof of this. Along with Nakabuang Beach’s pristine blue waters and luscious green hills, nothing says “I have been to Batanes” more than taking a photo with the famous arch.



Mahayaw Arch is located on Sabtang Island, 31.4 kilometres Southwest from Basco Airport.


Opening Days and Hours

Day tours to Sabtang Island start as early as 6:00.


Entry Fee and Booking

The local Tourism Office charges an Environmental Fee of PHP 200 (USD 4).


How to Get There

  • From Manila, fly to Basco, Batanes via Philippine Airlines or SkyJet.
  • Take a tricycle to Ivana Port (PHP 440 or USD 9 roundtrip, good for 2 people).
  • Take the Faluwa boat ride to Sabtang Island (PHP 70 or USD 1.5 per person).
  • From the port at Sabtang, take the tricycle day tour which costs PHP 800 (USD 16) good for two people.


Suggested For

  • Solo Travelers/Backpackers
  • Groups
  • Couples


Time to Spend

Given the number of sights and the limited time (day tours often start at 6:00 and end at 12:30), it is best to spend 1-hour max in the area.


Popularity and Best Time to Go

To fully enjoy the sights without worrying about missing the last boat for Basco, it is best to start as early as 6:00.



Those who are part of a tour package enjoy their meals at Pananayan Canteen and Catering Services. If you are traveling DIY, you can enjoy meals from mini-eateries at an average cost of PHP 350 (USD 7) per head.


Nearby Attractions

  • Chavayan Village
  • Sabtang Lighthouse
  • Tinyan Viewpoint


Seven accredited homestays are around Sabtang Island with rates ranging from PHP 150 to 300 (USD 3 to 6) per night. Those who wish to return to Basco can find accommodations at inns available at PHP 500 to 700 (USD 10 to 14) a night.


Good to Know

The friendly waves of Nakabuang Beach are perfect for swimming; better bring and prepare some swimming clothes for the trip.

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