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Thein Taung Pagoda

Thein Taung Pagoda Monastery was established in the 20th century by U Kethera, an esteemed monk. For an amazing view of the surrounding hills, the monastery is the best place to go.

Inside the monastery are 5 images of Buddha that are featured in a golden-mirrored shrine inside the Dhamma Hall.  An inner ring of paintings depicting the episodes in Buddha’s life can quickly capture your attention. The left shrine features Buddha images in Shan style while the right side holds important and remaining artefacts of the monastery’s history compiled by past Sadayaws or the chief monks. U Adesa also has a collection of paintings that focus on the life and tale of Buddha and also the history of Myanmar. The monastery hosts a 10-day meditation retreat in the tradition of Sayagyi U Geonka every May.



Thein Taung Pagoda is located in Kalaw, Myanmar, just a short distance away from Kalaw Market.


Opening Days and Hours

Opens daily from 8:00 to 17:00.


Entry Fee and Bookings

Entrance to this pagoda is free.


How to Get There

  • Fly to Kalaw
  • From the town centre, board a rickshaw to Thein Taung Pagoda


Suggested For

  • Solo travelers/backpackers
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Groups


Time to Spend

Suggested duration in this attraction is one hour. This is enough time to explore the entire pagoda.


Popularity and Best Time to Go

Although the pagoda isn’t a busy attraction, it’s still best to visit it between 9:00 to 11:00 to avoid groups of tourists that usually visit after lunch time.



New Simple Life, Everest Nepali Food Center, Red House Bar and Restaurant, Thu Maung Restaurant, and Pyae Pyae are just some of the dining places near Thein Taung Pagoda.



Nearby Attractions

  • Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp
  • Pine Hill Resort



While in Kalaw, you can find accommodations from Railroad Hotel, Dream Villa Hotel, Pine Breeze Hotel, Morning Glory Inn, Hillock Villa, and Winner Hotel. Rates range from USD 30 to USD 65.


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