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Mt. Santubong

Want to test your mettle? Conquer Mount Santubong!

Mount Santubong is a wonder of nature as hikers find themselves challenged and rewarded with breathtaking sceneries from the start of the trail right up to the summit.



Mount Santubong is about 35 kilometres from Kuching city centre, which is a 45-minute drive away.


Opening Days and Hours

Although the site is open 24 hours daily, it is recommended that hikes are done between 08:00 to 17:00. Otherwise, it may be too dark and dangerous even for experienced climbers.


Entry Fee and Bookings

Admission is RM 8 (USD 1.95) per person.


How to Get There

You can choose to either drive or take a taxi, and the drive takes roughly 45 minutes from the city centre. You may also opt for public buses, which may take 90 minutes to get to Mount Santubong.


Suggested For

Mount Santubong is suitable for those who enjoy mountain climbing and are nature lovers. A great place for young couples, group of friends, solo travelers, and backpackers.  Those interested to undertake the climb is recommended to be physically fit and prepared.


Time to Spend

Half-a-day (6 hours) is sufficient to climb to the summit and descend without rest. Otherwise, allocate 8 hours if you require breaks in between.


Popularity and Best Time to Go

Best to start making your way up before to 09:00, as this will give you ample time to make the descent before 16:00, before it gets dark.



You can opt for the jungle trek trail if mountain climbing is not your preference or do both for the full experience.



Seafood restaurants are available within walking distance from the foot of the mountain. Price range falls between mid to high depending on the food ordered.


Safety and Fraud

As people have been stranded before in the past, it is best to ensure that you have an experienced guide or follow the directions given to you upon registration. Stick to the marked trails and watch your surroundings to make sure you do not get lost.


Nearby Attractions

The Sarawak Cultural Village is located at the site itself and is within walking distance to one of the entry points. You can also check out the beach while you are there.



Dorms, home stays, and hotels of mid-range to luxury prices are available in the area.


Good to Know

Proper footwear is required, as the climb can be steep towards the summit. Keep at least a bottle of water (2 litres) with you to stay hydrated throughout the climb.

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