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Fairy Caves

Marvel at the numerous stalactite and stalagmite formed over thousands of years decorating the Fairy Caves.

Explore and learn about the limestone caves that were formed thousands of years ago, and find out how this cave earned its name.



Fairy Caves is about 43 kilometres away from the Kuching city centre, typically a 1-hour drive away.


Opening Days and Hours

Fairy Caves is open all year round from 08:30 to 16:30.


Entry Fee and Bookings

Admission is free.


How to Get There

The best way to get to the caves is to rent a car or taxi, as you will be able to head to the site directly. You may also choose to go via public buses from the city centre. However, the buses will only take you to the town closest to the Fairy Caves called Bau. From there, you will have to flag a taxi to get you to the caves.


Suggested For

The Fairy Caves is for those who love to explore and learn more about the wonders of nature and a great place for group of friends, young couples, backpackers, and solo travelers. Navigating the Caves might require a certain level of fitness.


Time to Spend

Half a day (4 hours) is enough to explore both the Fairy and Wind caves.



Apart from cave exploration, there are rock climbing activities of various difficulty levels available in the area as well.



There are fruit stalls available nearby but for better food options, it is best to look in nearby towns such as Bau or back at the Kuching city centre.


Nearby Attractions

The Wind Caves is located roughly 10 minutes away by car and is normally part of a combined tour with Fairy Caves.



Homestays are available about 5 kilometres away at Kampung Krokong Peros. These are perfect for budget travelers with food included as a package.


Good to Know

Prepare suitable non-slip shoes as the cave floors can get slippery. A hat is also recommended as bats occasionally fly overhead, so be prepared for bat droppings.

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