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Snake Temple Penang

The Snake Temple Penang is well-known for housing many pit vipers and green tree snakes that roam around freely.

The Snake Temple Penang is more than your ordinary Buddhist temple. It is said that the monk who built the temple gave shelter to snakes and after the completion of the temple, many snakes move in on their own to the temple grounds. The locals believe this to be a sign of prosperity and good luck.



The temple is located in the area of Sungai Kluang, Bayan Lepas, about 12 kilometres away from Georgetown.


Opening Days and Hours

The snake temple is open daily from 07:00 to 21:00.


Entry Fee and Bookings

Although entrance to the temple is free, a visit to the exhibitions will entail a small fee:

  • Small Snake Exhibition: Adults: RM 5 (USD 1.22), Child RM 3 (USD 0.73); Malaysians get a RM 2 (USD 0.49) discount


How to Get There

It is very easy to get to the temple from Georgetown. You can take buses 302, 401 or 401E to Bayan Lepas, or simply hop on a taxi or book an Uber.


Suggested For

Visiting the temple is especially great for reptiles lovers and people who are interested in Buddhist temples and its architecture. The temple is very tranquil and safe, suitable for travelers of all types and ages.


Time to Spend

You can explore the temple in 1 hour.


Popularity and Best Time to Go

If the main purpose of your visit is to see the snakes, you should avoid going to the temple during the Chinese New Year, as the snakes are removed when it gets very crowded.



Food is not allowed and not sold within the temple grounds.


Safety and Fraud

Although the venom has been removed from the snakes, you are still advised to keep a safe distance from them.



There are many accommodation options in Georgetown that you can opt for, from budget hostels to mid-range accommodation to luxury hotels.


Good to Know

There is a small snake exhibition in the temple that is educational and allows visitors to touch some of the snakes

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