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Tioman Island

A small island just off the east coast of peninsular Malaysia, Tioman Island is popular for its wonderful underwater marine life experience and duty-free shopping.

Tioman Island is surrounded by rich coral reefs making it a famous scuba diving spot. On top of that, it is a great shopping haven offering tax-free shops selling chocolates and alcohol.



Tioman Island is located off the coast of the state of Pahang and is part of the Mersing Marine Park.


Opening Days and Hours

You can visit the island any time, all year round.


Entry Fee and Bookings

The entry fee to the island is RM 5 (USD 1.22) per person. Additionally, visitors have to pay RM 20 (USD 4.86) per person to the Mersing Marine Park. Both fees must be paid separately at two little kiosks just before departing from the Mersing Ferry Terminal.


How to Get There

Most visitors get to the island by ferry or private boat from Mersing on the mainland. Also, there are some ferries departing from Tanjung Gemuk, which is the main gateway to Tioman Island from Pahang. There are travel agencies available for transporting visitors from Singapore and Johor Bahru to the island too. Tioman Island can also be reached by plane from Singapore (Changi) and Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) airport terminals.  


Suggested For

Tioman Island is a great holiday destination for everyone including families with kids, groups of friends, couples, and seniors looking for a fun island getaway.


Time to Spend

Spend at least two days here to try all kinds of activities available in Tioman island and enjoy the incredible starry night sky on the island.


Popularity and Best Time to Go

It is best to visit Tioman Island in the months of June and July when the weather is at its best, but the island can be rather crowded. September marks the approach of the monsoon season, and the number of tourists decrease, followed by the actual monsoon season from November to February, which brings heavy showers and rough seas.



The most popular activities on Tioman are scuba diving and snorkeling. Some places offer rock climbing and abseiling too. Jungle treks between villages have become more popular in the past years. Another option is to scale the 1,000- metre high mountain “Gunung Kajang.”



There are plenty of restaurants on the island offering fresh seafood, local Malay food, Chinese food, and Western food with prices ranging from cheap eats to upscale restaurant food.


Nearby Attractions

There are a few smaller islands nearby like Pulau Gut and Pulau Tulai, all of which are just a short boat ride away from Tioman.



You have a large variety of accommodation options on the island from budget chalets to luxury resorts.


Good to Know

Sandflies are known to appear at Juara Beach and Salang Beach area so bring along insect repellant if you plan to head to these beaches. You should also bring a light jacket with you because it could get cold at night.

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