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The Bored Room Movie Theatre

A great place for anyone who wants books, movies, and bikes, The Bored Room Movie Theatre is the place to go if you want to enjoy a more laid-back Savannahket experience.

Everything that could help you fully enjoy your stay in Savannahket is here — you can rent bikes and motorbikes to help you tour the city, read books you can read to pass the time, and watch interesting movies ranging from foreign films to local productions. Sometimes, the main attraction here is Dave, an expat whom you can ask for tips, suggestions on which places to visit, and other technical stuff such as passport concerns! The Bored Room Movie Theatre is the perfect place to chill — beer and popcorn included — when you just want to have a quick break from touring the town.



The Bored Room Movie Theatre is located at 16 Makaveha Road, Svannahket, Laos.


Opening Days and Hours

Opens daily from 9:00 to 23:00.


Entry Fee and Bookings

Entrance is free. Bike rentals range from USD 10 to USD 15. Book exchange and rentals cost USD 2.


How to Get There

  • Fly from Vientiane to Savannakhet via Lao Airlines.
  • From the airport, board a tuk-tuk to the Bored Room Movie Theatre.


Suggested For

  • Backpackers/solo travelers
  • Couples
  • Group of friends
  • Families


Time to Spend

Suggested duration at The Bored Room Movie Theater is 2-3 hours.


Popularity and Best Time to Go

Best time to visit The Bored Room Movie Theater is during the Friday, and the weekends. They start to play movies at around 20:00.



Dave always hands out Lao beer and popcorn to visitors. Aside from that, you can also avail of food and drinks from nearby restaurants such as Cafe Chai Dee, Lao View Restaurant, Hoong Thip Restaurant, Hom Fah, and White House Restaurant.


Nearby Attractions

  • Thai Ing Hang Stupa
  • Wat Xayaphoum
  • Dinosaur Museum



Those in a budget can choose to stay in nearby guesthouses such as Phoulavane Guesthouse, Leena’s Guesthouse, Savan Phattana Guesthouse, and Joli Guesthouse which offer rooms starting at USD 12. Mid-range hotels include Rattanasawan Hotel, Hoongthip Hotel, and Sala Savan Guesthouse. Rates range from USD 20 to USD 200.

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