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Pakse Chinese Temple

Pakse Chinese Temple, also known as Wat Tsin, is a tourist destination located south of Wat Phra Bat that showcases significant Buddhist artifacts and admirable Chinese architecture.

Located near the Mekong River, Pakse Chinese Temple is one of the attractions inside the Chinese cultural complex where tourists can learn more about the extent of Chinese influence in the area. One cannot help but be amazed at the stunning decorations that represent traditional Chinese architecture — fierce dragon statues, red and gold lanterns, and regal lion sculptures can be seen all over the temple. There is a certain sense of serenity and calm ever present in the location — something that makes the temple a great place to enjoy peace and meditation.



Pakse Chinese Temple is located in Pakse, Laos, just across Wat Luang.


Opening Days and Hours

Opens daily from 8:00 to 16:00.


Entry Fee and Bookings

Entrance to the temple is free.


How to Get There

  • If you are coming from Vientiane and Savannakhet, you can fly to Pakse via Lao Airlines.
  • You can also take the bus from Vientiane.
  • Hire a motorbike or a tuk-tuk to Pakse Chinese Temple.


Suggested For

  • Backpackers/solo travelers
  • Couples
  • Group of friends
  • Families


Time to Spend

Suggested time to spend in this attraction is 1 hour and a half.


Popularity and Best Time to Go

Best time to visit Wat Luang is between 9:00 and 11:00.




Dining options around the town center are plenty. Choose from Jasmine Restaurant, Xuan Mai, Daolin, Burger Kong, Champady, and Amin Restaurant.


Nearby Attractions

  • Si Phan Don
  • Wat Phou
  • Champasak Palace



Accommodations around town include the Champasak Palace Hotel, Arawan Riverside Hotel, Athena Hotel, Phi Dao Hotel and Lakham Hotel. Rates range from USD 30 to USD 150.

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