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Bena Traditional Village

A tourist attraction that richly depicts the culture of Ngada, Bena Traditional Village is a heritage site famous for its traditional houses, iconic stone formations, and symbolic ancestral shrines.

Bena Traditional Village is one of the villages in Indonesia that has retained its traditional ways, and in Bena’s case, this includes traditional high thatch-roofed houses that are neatly lined up in two rows. Reaching the centre of the village, one can see more symbolic structures — the umbrella-like pole for male ancestors called ngadhu, a female ancestral shrine called bhaga, and megalithic formations villagers use to communicate with their dead ancestors. Apart from seeing the rich culture of Ngada, visitors can also support the villagers by purchasing locally-crafted dyed cloth, also known as Ikat, from the village women.



Bena Traditional Village is located off the main road to Bajawa, Flores in Indonesia.


Opening Days and Hours

The village can be accessed anytime but it is highly recommended that you visit during daytime.


Entry Fee and Bookings

Upon arrival, tourists are to pay IDR 25000 (USD 1.75) to explore the village.


How to Get There

  • From Denpasar, fly to Ende via local airlines such as Garuda Air.
  • From Ende, embark on a 4-5 drive to Bajawa.


Suggested For

  • Backpackers/solo travelers
  • Couples
  • Group of friends
  • Families with kids


Time to Spend

You can spend at least one hour in the area.


Popularity and Best Time to Go

Bena Traditional Village is a pretty popular tourist attraction and it’s best to visit the place before 12:00 noon.



The nearest restaurants are 10 kilometres away, so it is suggested that you bring your own food to the trip.


Nearby Attractions

  • Mount Inerie
  • Wae Rebo



You can find accommodations from nearby hotels such as Bintang Wisata, Korina Hotel, Hotel Nusantra 2, Bajawa Roo Hotel, and Villa Silverin. Rates range from USD 50 to USD 150.

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Adventure    40

Family Fun    20

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Natural Beauty






Family Fun


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