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Crab Market

Enjoying a feast of fresh crabs at the Crab Market in Kep is an extraordinary gastronomic experience!

Local fishermen deliver their fresh catch everyday at Kep’s Crab Market. So head over to the hustling and bustling domestic crab market for some of the best crabs and seafood straight out of the sea!



The famous crab market is located approximately 10 kilometres southwest of Kep town and 26 kilometres southeast of Kampot town. It is about 106 kilometres west of the Sihanoukville International Airport.


Opening Days and Hours

The crab market opens in the early morning but most of the restaurants open from late morning until late evening.


How to Get There

You can get to the Crab Market via a variety of ways. One of the more popular is via the river-ocean route from Kampot town. The 2.5-hour boat ride, also widely known as the Crab Shuttle, takes you right up to the doorstep of the Crab Market. You can also travel from Kep town by hiring a tuk-tuk or motorcycle, which takes about 15 minutes.


Suggested For

Visitors who enjoy culinary travel experiences will find this a fascinating trip to satisfy their appetite for local fresh catches. It is most suitable for family with children, young couples, backpackers, senior travelers, and groups of friends.


Time to Spend

2 to 3 hours are sufficient to pick your best bargain of crabs or seafood, and sit down to enjoy your best meal of the day.



You can have freshly-cooked crabs in one of many wooden shacks in the Crab Market. One of most popular dishes is the finger-licking delicious chili pepper crabs fried with fresh sprigs of green Kampot pepper. Other than crabs, visitors can also enjoy all sorts of fresh seafood such as fish and squid, and even fresh fruits and vegetables, and snacks like waffles or fried banana fritters.


Nearby Attractions

  • Kep Crab Statue: This statue is a mere 5-minute drive or 2.3 kilometres from the crab market.
  • Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple: The cave temple is about 20 kilometres north of the crab market or a 40-minute drive away.
  • Sothy’s Pepper Farm: This pepper plantation is about 17 kilometres or a 20-minute drive from the Crab Market.



Visitors can opt to stay in affordable guesthouses, mid-range, or luxury hotels in Kep town. The distance between most of the lodgings and Crab Market are well under half an hour’s drive.


Good to Know

You can haggle to get the best price for the crabs and have them cooked. Average cost is around USD 2 to 5 per kilogram of crabs. Be friendly and you may even get a few extra crabs from the vendor!

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