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Kampot Salt Fields

An authentic way to experience the Cambodian countryside life is to visit the vast salt fields in Kampot where iodized salt are produced manually every year for local consumption and also for export.

Visiting the Kampot salt fields will let you take closer look at how the ocean water is let into the fields and left to evaporate naturally into salt crystals under the hot sun. The salt is then collected and delivered to the salt factory for processing. Kampot salt fields produce an average of 13,000 to 14,000 tonnes of yield annually. It is an interesting experience for everyone, not to mention the picturesque sceneries of rural Cambodia that is going to take your breath away en route to the salt fields.



Kampot salt fields are close to the ocean on the main road in the direction to Kep town. It is about 2 kilometres out of the town of Kampot. The salt fields are also approximately 80 kilometres east of Sihanoukville International Airport.


Opening Days and Hours

The salt fields are open to visitors daily, not limited to hours. However, the best time to visit is just before sunset because the access road gets mainly muddy and rutted.


How to Get There

Hiring a bicycle at about USD 1 a day in Kampot town is a great and affordable way to get to the salt fields. However, cycling on the dirt path can be physically challenging for some. Visitors can also hire tuk-tuks or motorcycles and negotiate a day rate with the guides. The salt fields are about a 10-minute ride from Kampot, slightly longer if you are cycling. From Sihanoukville International Airport, visitors should first travel to Kampot town by bus or taxi and gain access to the salt fields from there. The journey is estimated to be about 2 hours.


Suggested For

The salt fields are a suitable place to visit for families with kids, solo travelers, young couples and backpackers, senior travelers and those who are interested in checking out the sea salt production in Kampot.


Time to Spend

2 to 3 hours are sufficient to explore the salt fields and discover how the Cambodians work to produce one of the country’s largest sea salt supplies.


Popularity and Best Time to Go

Kampot salt production highly relies on weather conditions. Heavy rains and overcast days will result in a decline in production. Hence, the best time to visit salt fields is during the dry season from November to May every year.



The nearest town, Kampot, is just a short ride away. Visitors can find various choices of food there, from local Khmer food to western cuisines, from local food stalls to restaurants with proper dining seats.


Nearby Attractions

  • Sothy’s Pepper Farm: About 28 kilometres away and a 40-minute drive from the salt fields.
  • Kampot town: The town offers many attractions such as the famous firefly river cruise. It is only 2 kilometres away and about a 10-minute ride from the salt fields.
  • Kep & Ko Tonsay Island: About 30 kilometres away and a 45-minute drive from the salt fields.



The town of Kampot offers many budget to mid-range accommodations. Guesthouses with dorm rooms cost around USD 2.50 to 15 per day. However, visitors need to look elsewhere if they want to book their stay in luxury resorts and hotels, which are available in Kep town.

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