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Firefly River Cruise

When in Kampot, don’t forget to enjoy one of the place’s most popular tourist attraction: the famous Firefly River Cruise.

The sunset in the Kampot River is a must see: the scenery is made up of pastel-colored skies in tints of pink and bright orange contrasting the shadows of Bokor Mountain, pristine and still waters, and a cloud of fog that makes the place look mysterious and relaxing at the same time. The sunset isn’t the only thing to be seen while in the Firefly River Cruise for if you’re lucky, you can see a magical spectacle of fireflies on trees and riverbanks. While on the boat, passengers can do whatever they want while they enjoy a beer, softdrinks, or coconut water handed out for free.  



The Firefly River Cruise is at the Kampot River, 4 kilometres away from Krong Kampot. 


Opening Days and Hours

The Firefly River Cruise starts catering guests at 18:30, 19:30, and 21:30. 


Entry Fee and Bookings

Taking a cruise on a private boat costs from USD 20 to USD 35. Those who wish to join big groups pay a fee of USD 8.


How to Get There

  • Fly to Phnom Penh via AirAsia or Thai Airlines. 
  • From Phnom Penh proper, board a bus, taxi, or mini bus to Kampot.  
  • From Kampot’s center, hire a tuktuk to Kampot River.  


Suggested For

  • Solo Travelers/Backpackers 
  • Couples 
  • Families 
  • Groups of friends 


Time to Spend

The duration of a regular boat cruise is 2 hours. If you opted for a private boat, you can stay longer.  


Popularity and Best Time to Go

If you’re looking forward to seeing fireflies, booking for a cruise during the nights when the moon isn’t too bright would be the best time to go. 



Nearby restaurants like Greenhouse Restaurant, Rikitikitavi, Thai Fire, and Khmer Roots Cafe, offer local and foreign dishes to tourists. 


Nearby Attractions

  • La Plantation 
  • Bokor Hill Station 
  • Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple 



Hotels and inns near like Two Moons Hotel, Monkey Republic, Kampot Riverside Hotel, and Champa Lodge offer accommodations starting at rates ranging from USD 40 to USD 120.

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