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Crab Shuttle

There are various ways to travel from Kampot to Kep, but the most popular is the Crab Shuttle, which will take you down a scenic river-ocean boat ride. 

Take a relaxing day trip from Kampot to Kep via the river and sea route to enjoy the gorgeous shoreline of Cambodian rural beaches. The crab shuttle will drop you off at the pier in Rabbit Island and eventually at Kep’s crab market where you can enjoy some delicious fresh seafood.



Crab shuttle is located in Kampot town by the river opposite Rikitikitavi Hotel. Kampot is located about 146 kilometres south of Phnom Pehn and 80 kilometres east of Sihanoukville International Airport.


Opening Days and Hours

The crab shuttle departs from Kampot only once daily. The boat leaves at 09:30 from Kampot, makes a brief stop at Rabbit Island at 11:30, and arrives at the Kep pier at 12:00. The trip back from Kep to Kampot leaves at 15:30. The boat then stops half an hour later at Rabbit Island, and finally arrives in Kampot at 18:00.


Entry Fee and Bookings

One-way costs USD 9.50, and USD 13.50 for two-way.


How to Get There

You can take a car, shared taxi, private taxi, bus or mini bus from Phnom Pehn or Sihanoukville International Airport. Depending on the means of transport, it will take 3 to 5 hours to get here from Phnom Pehn, and 2 hours from the Sihanoukville International Airport.


Suggested For

This amazing boat ride is suitable for families with children, solo travelers, backpackers, groups of friends, young couples and those who want a fun day sailing out of Kampot town.


Time to Spend

The Crab Shuttle takes a whole day, leaving Kampot at 09:30 and getting back at 18:00.


Popularity and Best Time to Go

The Crab Shuttle’s route may subject to change, and operation interruptions may occur depending on the weather or other factors. These usually occur in the monsoon season from May to October, when the climate is wet and rainy.



Lunch and drinks are included when you book the Crab Shuttle. Visitors can also enjoy fresh crabs and seafood when you arrive at the final destination.


Nearby Attractions

  • Bokor Hill Station: The station located inside the national park is about 40 kilometres or an hour’s drive from the crab shuttle.
  • Firefly River Cruise: Also located by the river, the river cruise is only a short distance away from the shuttle, which takes about 7 minutes’ walk.
  • Sothy’s Pepper Farm: This pepper plantation is about 28 kilometres from Kampot or a 40-minute drive away.



You can find plenty of guesthouses in the town and riverside of Kampot that offer budget to mid-range accommodations. Luxury hotels and resorts are also available in Kep.


Good to Know

Check the weather forecast to ensure a nice day for sailing. Bring a swimsuit and extra clothes if you want to go for a sunset swim on the return trip.

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