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Wat Ek Phnom

Wat Ek Phnom is a Hindu temple that boasts of impressive and intricate carvings.

Built in the 11th century, Wat Ek Phnom is an ancient temple with an enormous white-stone sitting Buddha statue. Surrounded by bodhi trees, the temple offers a serene experience and an opportunity to see the bas-relief and lintels referencing Hinduism. An elaborate, modern pagoda is also constructed on its grounds.



Wat Ek Phnom is about 20 minutes away from Battambang city.


Opening Days and Hours

Wat Ek Phnom opens daily from 07:00 to 19:00.


Entry Fee and Bookings

Entrance fee to the Wat Ek Phnom is USD 2 per person.


How to Get There

Options to get to Wat Ek Phnom from the Battambang city centre include taking a tuk-tuk, motoride or even renting your own scooter.


Suggested For

The temple is a great place to visit for anyone who appreciates beautiful ancient architecture including couples, families with kids, backpackers, groups of friends, and seniors.


Time to Spend

Most visitors spend about 2 to 3 hours at the temple.


Popularity and Best Time to Go

Wat Ek Phnom is very popular, especially during Cambodian public holidays. The best time to visit Wat Ek Phnom is in the early morning and evening.



More than just a temple visit, you can do a number of things here, such as having your fortune told, picnic by the big lake, or renting a peddle boat. The place is a popular site for wedding proposals too!



A few stalls nearby sell refreshments. Most visitors would also arrange to visit the nearby Rice Paper and Spring Roll, some 10 minutes away by tuk-tuk to sample the food there.


Nearby Attractions

Most tourists also visit Wat Baset, about 5 minutes away by tuk-tuk with their trip to Wat Ek Phnom.


Stay and Fraud

Areas near the lake can be quite slippery, so you may want to watch your steps especially after a rain.



Battambang offers a wide choice of accommodation options, such as budget guesthouses. For a unique experience, you can opt to stay in an ancient house that has been converted into a homestay.

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Natural Beauty    20

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Adventure    20

Family Fun    20

Cost -USD   2

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