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Myanmar – Volunteer Opportunities

Marked by both mystery and beauty, Myanmar is a country that’s rising above the ashes of its bitter past in such a staggering rate. The country is catching up with improvement in every aspect, each local seems very eager to learn. Choosing to volunteer in Myanmar is not for naught – friendly children and amiable locals need all the help they can get to keep up with the changes that the country is experiencing. If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities in Myanmar, here are some of the programs and organizations you might consider.

Teach English

Myanmar is one of Southeast Asia’s most undeveloped countries. As such, not every Burmese child have access to a good education. Those living in rural areas only depend on monasteries for learning and basic education. This is where volunteers enter. If you have a teaching experience and a great desire to impart knowledge to the Burmese kids, you can volunteer to teach. Most of the lessons include an introduction to basic vocabulary, basic English grammar, and free conversations. Please take note that teaching Myanmar children English isn’t just a casual volunteer opportunity. Those willing to take part must have experience, skills, and commitment to stay for long periods. Some volunteers are eventually paid.

Htan Tapin Street, Yangon, Myanmar

Kant Kaw Education Center
No. 60 Hlaing Myint Moh 2nd Street, Kan Road
Hlaing Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Tel. 09 264 680 300 and/or 09 789 086 765

KTCare Foundation
A4-A5 Anawrahta Complex
Pyay Road, Yangon Myanmar

Provide General Care

Volunteer activities that usually provide general care involve kids. Under this type of volunteer opportunity, you will be working closely with children, especially ones with special needs. Volunteers contribute a lot in filling the gap in the country’s childcare programs. You will be assigned in special-needs schools, so if you know sign language, you are most welcome. Unlike teaching English, volunteering for child care services doesn’t require you to have experience. What you will do include helping kids practice their English, assist and facilitate in extra-curricular activities including art and crafts classes, dance classes, and music lessons. You will also help assist in educational games.

United World Schools


VSO International

Assisting in Medical Missions

Although the health care programs of Myanmar has seen some improvement in recent years, it still isn’t enough. In order to extend medical help to locals residing in remote countries, the healthcare sector needs volunteers. Here, experience in healthcare is required. You will assist medical teams in providing consultations and seminars to residents. You will also be given the charge in providing a better understanding to locals in issues of hygiene, taking care of the family, and general health concerns. You can also volunteer in hospitals.

VSO International

Volunteer Myanmar

Open Heart International

Training Entrepreneurs

Another worthwhile volunteer opportunity in Myanmar is training entrepreneurs. Part of helping Myanmar cope up with development is to help its citizens get familiar with technology and with entrepreneurship. Skills and experience are definitely required in this type of volunteer work. You will be expected to facilitate trainings that involve helping the youth and newbie business people get acquainted with the computer and the Internet, and with dealings with clients. You will also take part in conducting lectures on IT, social impact, business skills, and developing proper work skills.


Grassroots Volunteering

These are just some of the volunteer opportunities in Myanmar that you can take part in while staying in the country. No effort is too small, no act of kindness is going to be wasted. The people of Myanmar need all the help they can get.

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